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Do you have a favorite animal that you want to immortalize in sculpture? Do you need custom enclosure furnishings - maybe a castle tower as a hide for your snake or a water dish in the shape of a skull? I can sculpt just about anything and have reasonable hourly rates.



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Learn About our Breeding Projects

Active Project
Leopard Gecko - Extreme Emerine Tremper Albino

Leopard Geckos

eublepharis macularius

We have multiple leopard gecko projects that include morphs such as eclipse, Tremper albino, and Mack Snow. We are focusing on high contrast animals with bold markings, including various sorts of striping. Several of our leopard geckos are from extreme emerine lines and demonstrate remarkable color. We also have several afghanicus geckos. We plan on both keeping a pure line of the subspecies as well as selectively creating crosses.

Active Project
Jeweled Lacerta - male and female

Jeweled Lacerta

timon lepidus

We recently acquired some particularly vibrantly colored jeweled lacerta. We are currently breeding them for color and temperament.

Active Project
Red Ackie in the grass

Red Ackies

varanus acanthurus

Our ackie breeders were acquired from Rare Earth. Intelligent, sociable, and active, ackies are both fascinating to watch and make superb pets.

Active Project
Albino Anaconda Western Hognose

Western Hognose

heterodon nasicus

Our hognose project focuses on combinations of albino, axanthic, and toffeebelly animals with anaconda and tiger patterns.

Coming Soon
T- albino Matrix Stripe Blood Python

Blood Python

Python Brongersmai

We will be breeding blood pythons, including T- albinos, Matrix/Ivory, and genetic stripe animals.

Coming Soon
A pair of false water cobras

False Water Cobras

hydrodynastes gigas

We hope to be breeding false water cobras in the coming year. These are magnificent snakes with a ton of personality.

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